BRAND’S Health Enrichment Centre provides scientifically-backed resources in holistic health enrichment. Discover more about the Suboptimal Health Status (SHS) and the science behind various ingredients.

1 in Every 2 Persons Has SHS

Heard of Suboptimal Health Status or SHS? It’s a documented subclinical state, characterised by fatigue and physical symptoms with no clear, diagnosable conditions.

Left unchecked, it can quickly tip one’s health balance towards chronic issues like cardiovascular diseases and psychological disorders. Worryingly, 1 in every 2 people could already have SHS .

SHS is Reversible

Thankfully, SHS is reversible. At BHEC, we empower healthcare professionals with practical lifestyle interventions, the latest ingredient research findings and a validated SHS questionnaire to help your community achieve optimal health.

Our Approach

We use modern science, rigorous research and state-of-art technology to harness the potential of natural ingredients which can promote better health in 3 aspects:

1. Protection

2. Nourishment

3. Performance

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